Facts About Jesus

If someone starts asking you about Jesus, how would you react? Do you have the facts (at least the very basic) in your head to be able to answer questions?

In order to gather these facts and information it is necessary to read the Bible daily, and not only just once through. It must be a constant – daily – every day.
It is only by repetition that knowledge is gained and retained.

I’m constantly searching and researching about Jesus. Why should I not? He is, after all, my Saviour and constant companion through the Holy Spirit.

Time ran away from me lately with the result that I’m going to give you a few very interesting articles on the Facts about Jesus. I have read them – they are good!

http://www.y-jesus.com/wwrj/3-is-jesus-god/  (If necessary, copy and paste into your browser)

On the right side of the article is a list of other articles under the title: Who is the Real Jesus?

This will keep you reading and studying for quite a while