This morning we continue our tour of the sugar mill and we visit what is called the clarification and boiling process. Clarification simply means that the juice is cleaned; made clear.

I hope that I am not going to upset too many people with what I am going to tell you. During the process of cutting down the cane in the fields, dead snakes, cane rats, etc, are caught up in the bundles and transported to the mills. Incidently these cane rats are as big as rock rabbits Rock Hyrax) or dassies, as many people know them. The Blacks treat the cane rats as delicacies. Anyway, these animals and reptiles are also pounded through the hammer mills and go into the diffuser. These, by the way, are not deliberately let through the system. To try and rid the system of them before the process begins is not economical or practical.


The clarification process, however is designed especially for cleaning the juice of these impurities. Because of the inclusion of all these impurities the juice is called mixed juice.

This mixed juice from the diffuser goes through a series of heaters before being fed into the clarifiers. These huge tanks contain a series of filters and mud beds through which the juice seeps. This process filters out the smallest of particles so that virtually only the pure juice is let through. There are still dissolved impurities.

How is this removed? Well, in the process, lime, in the form of milk of lime is added. The juice then is passed through another set of rotary filters. The clear juice is further heated and the goes to a set of huge Evaporators.


These are simply huge kettles. Simply described, they boil off the water in the juice and in the end a syrup is drawn off into a syrup tank.


This syrup, in the cold condition, is the well known Golden Syrup. In the next message we will consider what happens further with the Golden Syrup.

Now, how do we apply this to the Christian life?

Let us take a look. What are these cane rats and snakes in our lives? These are the bad habits we have collected throughout the years. Some of these are easy to get rid of, other are almost impossible to be released from in our own strength.

All pieces of steel accidentally caught up in the bundles of cane are easily removed before it goes into the shredder. This is done by a huge electro-magnet. No-metallic impurities are not easily detected. It is these secret sins that pass by, undetected by our fellow men that we have to get rid of.

The saved sinner, although imputed righteousness by Christ’s shed blood, still has to go through a cleansing process. We have to be cleaned from the impure thoughts; that tongue that curses and tells dirty jokes; that vile temper, that impatience; the host of other impurities. When we have been cleaned from these, we still have to guard against them.

If the juice pipes are not properly cleaned during the shut-down periods, and some of the old juice is allowed to stay behind, it starts a fermentation process that will contaminate the new stock. This could amount to a considerate loss in money and ill-afforded waste of time. Did not Jesus warn us that only a little yeast is required to permeate the doctrine of salvation to break down its hold on the believer? In Mark 16:6 Jesus said to the disciples, “Take heed of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Saducees.” Listeners, the world is still full of Pharisees and Saducees. Beware of them. They will ferment your Christian life to your final sorrow and to your detriment.

The filters filter out all the solid impure particles from our life, but we need the milk of lime to rid us of the dissolved impurities of our life. This can only be done through the Holy Spirit. The solid impurities are the ones we can see and are easily observable. They are, for example, swearing, bad temper, etc. but what are the dissolved impurities in your life?
The dissolved impurities in our life are, hatred, an unloving attitude, secret sins, and such like. No doubt you can think of a lot of others that fit these descriptions. These dissolved impurities can only be rid under the working of the Holy Spirit and you MUST submit ourselves wholly and completely to His working and then, only then, can you become the pure unadulterated sweet clear juice.

Even when you have become the pure juice through the Holy Spirit, you have to go through the boiling pot of this world. Trial and tribulations will beset you. Do not listen to those who tell you: “Become a Christian, give your life to the Lord, and ALL your problems will be solved. From now on life is a bed of roses.” Listeners, don’t listen to the lies of the Devil. If this were so then Jesus had no need to suffer the temptations of this world and die on the Cross at Golgotha!

Jesus Himself said that the Christian would suffer in many ways and must be prepared for it. Jesus had a very good reason for saying this. James Chapter 1 tells us that this trying of our faith works patience in us. This patience in works perfectly in perfecting the Christian. Don’t despise suffering and trials.

In these huge kettles the water content is boiled off fromm the sweet juice and the resulting product is Golden Syrup.

The word golden implies that it is pure and of a royal content. How is your life? Is it pure? The potential is there for every Christian to live a pure and righteous life. There is no excuse for not having the Golden Syrup type of life! The impurities in your life are there only because you let them be there. Some people keep them as pets in their life. I hope this is not true of you?

I end with these questions:
Have you rid yourself of the rats and snakes in your life?
Have your impurities been filtered out?
Are you the pure juice you ought to be?

Submit yourself to Jesus, who is the only one who can clean you thoroughly. 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Notice that it says ALL unrighteousness.” It is the duty of all professing Christians to see that the cleansing process is a continuous process in our lives. We are to work at it daily.

Can you be called Golden Syrup?