First, I apologize for the delay in posting the Part 2 Video Message of Jesus Messiah.

My life has been in an upheaval lately as Nolan (my son) and I have been house hunting all over the show.
We eventually settled for the lovely town of Wanganui just over 400 km south of where are at the moment. We each bought a house there. As we are both in business together we need to be reasonably close to each other. Where we are 20km apart at the moment we will be 3km apart. Our recording studio will be set up at Nolan’s house.

Now begins the packing ready for the move. My furniture will be loaded on the 26th April. I will try to get the Part 2 finished before then as it take a fair bit of editing.

Tomorrow is Easter here in New Zealand and the shops have gone crazy selling Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. Hardly a mention of the true reason for Easter Friday – the memorial of the crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He willingly went to the Cross to die for us so that we may receive forgiveness of our sins. That forgiveness is only available if we come to Him and genuinely repent of our sins.
Be vigilant, and do not partake of the pagan practices of Easter. As the Day approaches and the Rapture is just around the corner, we need to be living as righteously as possible.
Another thing; more importantly, we worship a Risen Christ. I’ve been to the Garden Tomb and seen the sign on the door, “He is not here. He is Risen” Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! In John 14, Jesus said that he was going to prepare a place for us and that He would come and fetch us. Are you ready?